Franck Tortiller

Back to Heaven / LED ZEPPELIN Chapter2

Franck Tortiller – vibraphone / arrangements.
Patrice Héral : drums, voice, electronic
Olga Amelchenko – saxophones
Gabrielle Rachel Barbier-Hayward – trombone
Maxime Berton – saxophone
Joël Chausse – trumpet, flugelhorn
Vincent Tortiller – drums
Jérôme Arrighi – bass
Matthieu Vial Collet – guitar, voice

Led Zeppelin changed the rock world in just nine albums. It was an explosion, one more it seems, in the late 60s and early 70s. This period has always fascinated me, both for its creative energy and its propensity to overturn the certainties of post-war societies.
Inventing, creating, shaking up, thinking about life differently and above all listening to it differently, this is what Led Zeppelin has bequeathed to us.
And here we are again, 15 years later, re-exploring this fascinating universe, re-immersing ourselves in these sounds, these riffs, these grooves, and above all this idea that music can be free, without prejudice and without dogma.
This tribute to the world of Led Zeppelin is not limited to scattered winks or conventional quotes. We are going to immerse ourselves in a sound, an idea of music that can also be played by keyboards, brass instruments, by jazz musicians. Although jazz but not only…
I will therefore find faithful traveling companions for this orchestra, Patrice Héral on drums, voice and electronics, Joël Chausse on trumpet, but also this new generation of musicians with whom I have been associated for a few years, Maxime Berton on saxophones, Vincent Tortiller on drums, Jérôme Arrighi on bass and Matthieu Vial Collet on guitar and vocals. Two musicians will join the orchestra, Olga Amelchenko on saxophone and Gabrielle Rachel Barbier-Hayward on trombone.

Franck Tortiller – vibraphone / arrangements.
Misja Fitzgerald-Michel, guitar

For many years, i wanted to play with Misja Fitzgerald Michel. His musicality, his lyricism, the sound of his guitars, his musicals choices resonate perfectly with mu musical univers.This album, « les heures propices » with Misja was the result of a long reflexion. What music to play together, with sound, compositions, covers?
We decided to play without amplification, to find the natural sound of our instruments, without artifice, allowing us to fully express ourselves in the music.
The recording was producing without editing, we played live, with the complicity of Ludovic lanen, a magnificent sound engineer who was able to transcribe with his microphones all the expression that we are able to develop during this recording.
We trier to find find this way of playing music on the border of jazz and the flow music ( Guinevere, redemption song, air love and vitamines…)practicing a form of slowness, strippi,g, taking time for notes and silence, playing with the rythme of breath, exhaling, inhaling, also giving this energy of the doutant brings us together and look like us.
it is our way of making music, full of hope and life, the joy of playing together with this title which reflects our desires: les heures propices.