Émile Parisien quartet

“Best album of the year 2017” by the Jazz Victory Awards !
The Emile Parisien Quartet is one of the most exciting band on the modern scene.

"The leading soprano saxophonist of European jazz."
(Jazzcity, DE)


Since 2004, these young musicians have amazed their audience with spirit and maturity. Their performances, in great festivals in France and in many clubs in Paris have been applauded by both audience and critics, delighted by the commitment and energy showed on stage.

Critics in France have been quick to champion them too, bestowing accolades & awards including ‘Revelation of the year’ in 2009, and ‘Best jazz artist of the year in 2012 and 2013′.

" Originality is neither artificial nor demonstrative here, but emerges from the intense exploration of familiar musical trends; that of Coltrane and Wayne Shorter of course, but also Hector Berlioz, Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg. If their rereading of this musical heritage is so fascinating, it has to do with the implication and the artistic rigour which nourishes the four musicians. Every note, every bar is played with the expressiveness of those urged to transmit their passion. These four musicians are one single voice, and though they all possess great individual skills, the audience is never disturbed from the emotional course of their collective compositions."