Leila Martial


A young, new, captivating voice has made a sensational entrance into the world of jazz “divas”. Her trio BAA BOX will release a new album in autumn 2018.

Following in the footsteps of her friend Emile Parisien, she trained at the celebrated Collège jazz de Marciac, and hesitated between a career as an actress or a musician, before finally taking France by surprise with the release of her “Dance Floor” album (2012).

Her new jazz/pop/rock band BAA BOX was recently selected in France by the AJC network for the JazzMigration tour and released a first album in 2016.

Leila is also at ease improvising in a duet with cello player Valentin Ceccaldi in FIL.

Inspired by musicians as diverse as Eric Dolfy and Médéric Colignon, and just as moving as Jeanne Lee, Leila Martial is the equal of her Swiss counterpart Andreas Schaerer and a collaborator of Anne Paceo.