Andy Emler Megaoctet

Nearly 30 years after its birth, Andy Emler's MegaOctet is still this "laboratory of the most beautiful daring enterprises” and a collective of musicians transcending times and whose virtuosity and generosity have no equivalent.


Andy Emler's MegaOctet invites the listener to take a moment to reflect with discernment, question the norms and formats established by our society, and find the right way. The clever mix of written and improvised music challenges the listener both by its weighting and its volubility.

 The MegaOctet is also a moment to discover the unique universe of Andy Emler’s compositions, in which each piece of music reflects and echoes with the musical universe of the high-level performers of the MegaOctet: Guillaume Orti, Philippe Sellam, Francois Verly, Claude Tchamitchian, Eric Echampard, Laurent Dehors, Laurent Blondiau, and François Thuillier.

"It sounds, it storms out, it gushes, it whispers. Like with Mingus, it explodes, it growls and it liberates. This is the MegaOctet: a little more than a small group, a little less than a big band. The wisest, the craziest of inhabited worlds." - Francis Marmande ( Le Monde)