In the hybrid universe of Coccolite, jazz merges into the grooves of hip-hop and the synthetic textures of electronic music.
At the same time dancing, spectacular and oneiric but always fascinating, Coccolite's music lifts the veil on the captivating future of instrumental jazz.


In just four years time, with an EP and two albums acclaimed by critics (“Echo”, 2020; « Live Now », 2022), Coccolite trio has earned a special place in the landscape of emerging bands. Brought together by a unique complicity, keyboardist Nicolas Derand, bassist Timothée Robert and drummer Julien Sérié have created a hybrid universe made of jazz, hip-hop, electronic music and film music. Created by three formidable instrumentalists and arrangers who love storytelling above all, their dancing, spectacular and oneiric music shows the way towards tomorrow’s instrumental jazz.