Clément Janinet

Clément Janinet is a French violinist and composer who founded in 2019 the string trio "La Litanie des Cimes" which won the AJC's Jazz Migration #6 program and was presented in Jazzahead in 2023 . He leads also the quartet O.U.R.S which recorded « Ornette under repetitive skies » for BMC records.


The pedigree of Clément Janinet offers yet more treasures, inclined as he is to country and urban music from many regions of the world: north-east Brasil, the north of Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo- Brazzaville, and the Berber areas of Morocco and Algeria. His violin works to link together the vast distance between oral traditions and composition, the brute energy and the finesse of the musical body, between dance and thought.